Woodward Ave


On Saturday August 19, 2006 we went to the "Woodward Dream Cruise" which attracts owners of many old cars who drive up and down Woodward Avenue from Royal Oak to Pontiac.

It started from a conversation between two radio hosts on WOMC who talked about "cruising Woodward" in their teenage days"

Nowadays it attracts thousands of cars.......unfortunately many current owners mix in with the Classic Cars

and millions of people come to the roadside to watch,

There were cars from all over the world including the UK and Germany

Jaguar Metropolitan Triumph TR4 MGB (introuble) Rolls Royce
The VW Beetle (Bugs)
Ford Mustangs from introduction in 1964 1/2 to date......     wiki
..as well as Ford T-Birds        wiki
..and the rival Chevrolet Corvette     wiki
Some cars are pre-WWII others from the 50's and 60's
There are old trucks
..and vehicles with special paint or trim
or other wierd treatments

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