White City

Up Television Centre

I've  visited White City for the BBC TV Centre for a tour and for recordings of shows such as:

Never Mind the Buzzcocks; Pointless

BBC TV Centre On September 17, 2016 (as part of Openhouse London) I visited the former Television Centre to see how the site is being redeveloped
Judy presents the news...... ....while others play "Weakest Link"
Effect of "blue screen" Chromakey In the frame........
Pointless -- May 6, 2011
I'm there in the front row -- 4th from the left.
There was a round about American Cities and their nicknames.

The most obscure question was "Alamo City"

Richard Osman: "The best answer on the board, any idea on Alamo City?"

Alexander Armstrong shakes his head

Richard: "Anybody want to hazard a guess?"

Me: "San Antonio"

Richard: (gesturing towards me) "San Antonio. Exactly, the right answer. 2 Points so well done at home if you got that"

Here's the shot during the exchange above. From the back I'm 4th from right.
Another BBC building in Wood Lane. There is a plaque commemorating the 1908 Olympics held here where the UK headed the medal table..  

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