Up Wanstead Park

Wanstead is in the London Borough of Redbridge.

In 1958, (until 1965) John went to Wanstead County High School, then a co-educational Grammar School, now Wanstead High School. On October 17, 1999 he returned to the school for its 75th Anniversary.

This was the 6th form block. John was one of first to use it in 1963 The new sports centre was built on site of old open air swimming pool
Downtown Wanstead. "The George" on the left
3 icons in one go -- LT sign, K6 Phone Box, Red Post Box and below ground -- "The Tube" -- and how it was used in  WWII
View across the green to the tube station... ...and the other direction
I've no idea why there are flags in these trees !?
Applebee's not quite the same as in the US! The Ark is a great fish restaurant
A fox seen on a March evening in someone's drive near the tube station
St Mary's Church          Parish web site        Survey of plants in churchyard in 1981
Wanstead Cricket Club was also the venue for John's (field) hockey matches in the 1960's Wanstead Park

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