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The core of Upton Park in the London Borough of Newham.is Green Street.

West Ham United play their home matches at the Boleyn Ground  

69  Neville Road, just off Green Street, where John's Mother, Emily, was born on May 14, 1923 Ujala's Fabric shop where Judy used to buy her material
Emily started work at age 14 working for Bolenium in the "Boleyn Castle" (see opposite)

A History of Green Street House and and Tower (Boleyn Castle) can be found here at the paragraph starting "The estate called GREEN STREET or BOLEYN CASTLE ......"

Pictures of "Boleyn Castle"

c1900       Watercolour    Lantern Slide 1912 with tram  

postcard    Tower with house    Edwardian postcard

4x3_Upton_Park.jpg (16625 bytes) 3x4_The_Boleyn.jpg (22356 bytes)
"The Boleyn Ground" home of West Ham United {Upton Park}  
3x4_1666_statue.jpg (18146 bytes) West Ham provided 3 players in England's World Cup winning team of July 1966.

Bobby Moore was captain and collected the trophy

Geoff Hurst scored 3 goals

Martin Peters also played


Here they are shown in a statue with the England Manager/CVoach Alf Ramsey

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