In May 2003 we visited Madame Tussauds in London with Abby

2x4 a hugh g.jpg (7867 bytes) 2x4 a norton.jpg (9929 bytes) 2x4 jy titchmarsh.jpg (11340 bytes)
Abby with "Hugh Grant" Abby with "graham Norton" Judy with "Alan Titchmarsh"
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"Susan  "Morgan Freeman" "John Wayne"
3x4 ajy branson.jpg (16837 bytes) 3x4 jy billy jason.jpg (11829 bytes) 3x4 julia brad.jpg (14718 bytes)
Abby & Judy with "Richard Branson" "David Jason"m, "Billy Connoly" & Judy "Brad Pitt" & "Julia Roberts"
4x3 aj brosnan.jpg (21050 bytes) 4x3 j moore.jpg (6364 bytes)
Judy and Abby with "007 Brosnan" ...and Judy with "007 Moore"
4x3 jy gary.jpg (13939 bytes) 4x3 jo kaylie.jpg (14807 bytes)
Judy with "Gary Lineker" John with "Kylie Minogue"
2x4 ganhi.jpg (7556 bytes) 2x4 mandella tutu.jpg (9145 bytes) 3x4 keddedy castro.jpg (10460 bytes)
"Mahatma Gandhi" "Nelson Mandella" & "Desmond Tutu" "Fidel Castro" & " Jack Kennedy"
2x4 charles II.jpg (8151 bytes) "King Charles II"  
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