Trerice is a National Trust property we visited on October 17, 2001

There is a family connection in that one of John's Mum's cousin's married a person who was brought up at the house.

3x4 Trerice from front.jpg (13438 bytes) 4x3 Trerice from side.jpg (15295 bytes)

the front of the house with the rear below left.

4x3 Trerice from rear.jpg (12640 bytes) 3x4 Trerice reed bed.jpg (14925 bytes)
3x4 Trerice reed bed note.jpg (8869 bytes) One innovative feature of the house is the reed bed (above) which takes waste sewage products and releases pure water into the environment.

The notice (left) explains the process and is reproduced below.

"Liquid effluent runs from the septic tank under the ground you are standing on, This effluent enters the reed bed that is situated on the far side of the field from where you are reading this notice. The bed which is 40 foot square is filled to the depth of nearly 3 foot with different grades of gravel and the whole is contained in a watertight sleeve.

Planted in this gravel are 400 Phragmites Australis reeds and although they die back in winter, their root system continues to digest or "polish" the effluent in the liquid and allows relatively clean water to emerge into a catchment pit on the lower left hand side of this bed.

From there it is allowed to seep into the River Gannel that runs to the south of the field. This water which is analysed regularly, meets the stringent standards demand by South East Water."


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