Nelsons Column Westminster Monument in public space L2253 Trafalgar Square N51.507 W0.128 .
Nelson's Column L2563
Nelson's Column In Winter L2301

3x4 Nelsons column.jpg (8948 bytes)Photo: Charlie Basile

  Small In Winter
Lilliput Lane's "Nelson's Column" is modelled on the monument in Trafalgar Square.

For the site of Nelson's birth see the Burnham Thorpe page

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Tne National Gallery [Photo: Chuck Bur June 24, 2006]
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St Martin's and South Africa House [from which John heard Nelson Mandella speak from the balcony] Across to Canada House
The plinth with a glass "lantern" [top left] is the smallest police station in the UK {Photo: Charlie Basile Jan 2005] [Photo: Chuck Bur June 24, 2006]


Her Majesty's Theatre

where we saw

"Phantom of the Opera"

on June 2, 2002


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