Sydney Russell School




On July 16, 2015 the Queen visited the London Borough of Dagenham and Barking to celebrate the borough's 50th Anniversary. One of teh places she visited was the Sydney Russell School, named after the warden of Kingsley Hall, Dagenham for many decades. I took my mother who was then aged 92 (3 years older than the Queen).
The Sydney Russell School originally housed Dagenham High School whose Alumni include Dudley Moore
Friends Tony Lucas & Den Riley were invited guests Mum managed to get to the front and soon chatted to others
Pupils and dignitaries await the arrival -- delayed by an hour
The school has an ethnic mix
The car arrives
Unfortunately, Her Majesty didn't turn to acknowledge the crowds who had waited patiently
My comment on the Dagenham & Barking Post facebook page:

 I write as a loyal, but disappointed, monarchist. Why "disappointed"? Like many others I waited to see the Queen's arrival at Sydney Russell School on July 16. I was accompanying my mother, 3 years senior to the Queen, for whom this might be a last chance to see her "live". We arrived nearly an hour before your published time and, as you know, the visit was delayed by an hour after that. It was therefore very frustrating that her majesty was obscured by the royal limo and support vehicle and, probably because of the delay, headed, head down, quickly to the school door leaving many hundreds disappointed. One would have hoped that with her vast experience she would have taken 10 seconds to turn and wave to her loyal subjects (and the many from other countries present). In view of the heat and the time stood already, my mother felt she could not wait for the party to return to the car -- and so left very disappointed.



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