Sydenham Hill Wood

Up Crystal Palace Subway

There is a good walk in Sydenham Hill Wood starting at Cox's Walk. There is the track bed of the Crystal Palace and South London Junction Railway leading to the Crescent Wood Tunnel.  Eventually it ended at Crystal Palace High Level Station.

Nearby is the site of the former Lordship Lane Station (seen in painting by Camille Pissaro   {talk})

Walk      Station     Views along line  

On September 17, 2016 (as part of Openhouse London) I visited the Crystal Palace Subway which linked the High Level Station to the park for 1st Class rail passengers. I was interested as I'd walked part of the railway line to the station

The Footbridge on Cox's Walk Part of the trackbed
Approaching the tunnel portal  
The tunnel seen on the way up to the Crescent Wood Road gate a bivouac made from branches
A very strange tree stump that looks as though someone has sculpted an animal.
Church between Cox's Walk and Lordship Lane. It post dates the railway  

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