Stony Stratford


Stony Stratford seems to be just a quiet town but it has a couple of historic interests.

  • The origin of the "Cock & Bull story"
  • The place where the "never to be crowned" boy king Edward V was captured by the man who became Richard III

Back in the 1700's the stagecoaches travelling North from london would stop at "The Bull", whilst those travelling South from Birmingham would stop at "The Cock".bPassengers would disembark and partake of varied and fortifying libations. A story heard at one one day, would "grow" by the next day at the other Inn as they tried to outdo each other.

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The Cock has a nice Courtyard garden abd excellent food The Bull was disappointing for John & his mother when service for Sunday lunch was terrible. the shop to the right is "O'Dells" ironmongers. The one in Newport Pagnell is now a restaurant
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You can see how close the pubs are to each other in these shots of the street and the signs
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The above sign found on the pink building to the left is self explanatory A small aracde
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Market square has some nice buildings like this pharmacy..... ....and The Crown where we sang regularly on Thursdays for a year or so
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Horsefair Green, so named after an annual fair held thereon, is a pleasant area where we almost lived
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At one end of Horsefair Green is an example of the effect of the notorious Window Tax Stony Stratford Parish Church
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The Fox & Hounds is a pub we enjoyed some folk music
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