I watched the Severn Bore at Minsterworth Church in the morning of March 2, 2010
This boat will re-appear on the bore Hundreds of spectators lined the bank
The following sequence of photos track the bore from its first appearance.

Not the boat on the wave, the hang-glider overhead.

These surfers were from South Africa -- but missed the bore......
Before After
The evening before I had seen the bore at night at the Severn Bore Inn (below)

What a total lack of business acumen. Place packed, people camping in car park, yet they only had the 1 chef so delays of 50 mins on food. I was about to tell them they would have to cook again for me after the bore when my food arrived -- so I chopped it up and took it outside! Following morning -- No breakfast servings. So Minsterworth Church (above) got my custom!!


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