Savoy Place

Up Savoy Place Roof Wizaeds & Robots

Savoy Place: HQ of the Institution of Engineers and Technology (formerly IEE)
Adelphi                           Shell/BP House                 Savoy hotel                              IET                      
The balcony on the Riverside Room ... as seen from Waterloo Bridge
Statue of Michael Faraday outside IET Plaque on IET Building: Studios & Offices of BBC 1923 -1932
View from balcony of Riverside Room towards ........ the city ....the South bank and Houses of Parliament
From the London Eye A scene from "After You've Gone" from London Eye
Lord Austin Lecture Dinner April 10, 2008

From left:


Adrian Mitcham [ Chairman of IET Automotive & Road Transport Systems TPN Exec Team]

Steve Nevey [Business Development Manager, Red Bull Racing] who used to work for John at Jaguar Racing

John Loughhead [President of the IET]

Lord Austin Lecture Dinner February 25, 2009

Bike ready for TTXGP

On February 7, 2018 I attended a book launch and signing at Savoy Place.

 "WaR: Wizards and Robots" by and renowned futurologist Brian David Johnson

It consisted of an interview of the two authors followed by a Q&A and the book signing.


During the Olympics it became HQ to the Qatar team...................
I also  watched the Paralympic Marathon from the balcony of the Riverside Room. Not only was the view great, but they served coffee and pastries.
On June 28 2019 I attended a seminar and afterwards we were allowed to visit the roof, with outstanding views......


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