This page shows a trip I walked round Rye taken during a visit on  Nov 18, 2015
Parked in Cinq Ports Street (not sure what the building is) Walked up Conduit Hill, crossed the High Street
and up East Street  (this is looking back to High Street) to Market Street
  and then into lunch at Fletcher's House (left of Simon the Pieman)
Backtracked slightly to Pump Street Looking along Pump Street
To the Water Tower  
Opposite the Water Tower To the War Memorial and Methodist Church
and down to Ypres Tower and Gun Gardens
  Tucked away is Ypres Castle pub
and up the steps to a pilliory round the Tower to St Mary's Church
and homes along Church Square  
  Turned into West Street
for a different view of the church  
and left into with Lamb House  used as "Mallards" in  Mapp and Lucia
Looking back  
into Mermaid Street  
with the
Mermaid Inn
Further down is "The House with Two Doors"........ ..... and "The House with the Seat" (bottom)
  Towards the bottom of Mermaid Street
Retracing back to the Mermaide through the archway
and the courtyard at the back towards the High Street
To "The Bell"  
Ashbee & Sons was a butchers.... .. complete with "Butcher's Hook"  (as in cockney slang)
  turn into Hilder's Cliff
to the Landgate and along Cinque Ports Street
past the Runcible Spoon to the car park  


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