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Rockingham Castle is teh former home of..................... Each year there is a very good craft fair in the grounds.

4x3 Rockingham main gate.jpg (12167 bytes) 4x3 Rockingham church.jpg (15289 bytes)
Castle Entrance Rockingham Church
4x3 Rockingham through yew hedge.jpg (20792 bytes) 4x3 library wing.jpg (12593 bytes)
The Library Wing
4x3 library wing and yews 2.jpg (12557 bytes) 4x3 Rockingham from gazebo.jpg (16012 bytes)
The gardens are magnificant and there are views to 4 counties from the tower
4x3 Rockingham from tower.jpg (14241 bytes) 4x3 library wing and yews.jpg (16289 bytes) 2x3 Beween yew hedge.jpg (12065 bytes)
The Yew hedge is particularly spectactular..........................
4x3 Rockingham outside rose garden.jpg (17130 bytes) 2x3 Rockingham to rose garden.jpg (11012 bytes) 4x3 Rockingham inside rose garden.jpg (20708 bytes) is teh Rose Garden
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