Ren Fest

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The Renaissance Festival has been going for 26 years and 2005 was John's 5th and Judy's 3rd visit.... and 2010 was John's 6th visit

It pretends to be Ye Merrie Olde England.......!@#...and has all the things required thereto......

(Please note there are loads more pics to go on this and the subordinate pages)

There is a Queen..... ...and Ye Olde Concessions..
...which serve delicious monster turkey drumsticks.. Ded Bob is our favourite act
...but there are magicians..... ..and music......
....of various kinds... ...not sure what these were about.
The jousting field.. ...before "the king of Spain"
The formality is preserved The English Knight
Hand to hand combat with swords and lances
It looks like Spain won this bout ..but in the end England won .....and off to the side they train the next generation of knights








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