The 2012 Olympics were held in London and this page links to various places and events connected to them

August 24, 2008 saw a party to celebrate the handover from Beijing On September 20, 2009 I visited the viewing gallery to see construction of the Olympic Park

July 7, 2012 Olympic Torch in Cambridge

July 21, 2012 Olympic Torch in Stratford 

Olympic Games

July 30, 2012 Rowing at Eton Dorney

Aug 4, 2012  Equestrian Show Jumping at Greenwich

Aug 7 , 2012 Triathlon

Aug 7 , 2012 Soccer Semi=Final at Wembley

Aug 11, 2012 Mountain Biking at Hadleigh Farm

Aug 12, 2012 Men's Marathon in the Mall


I haven't had the opportunity to add my photos of the Paralympics yet -- watch this space



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