In April 2009 took up a new sport -- Real Tennis [US: Court Tennis] which is known as "The Sport of Kings & the King of Sports" which has a long history and has included players such as King Henry VIII.

I joined Newmarket Real Tennis Club which is only 2 miles from my home

Rather than me trying to describe the game take a look at websites about the game:    
Introduction to the game Virtual Tour of a Court   International Real Tennis Professionals’ Association
Newmarket Real Tennis Club 360° Panorama
Court View
3D Simulated
Court View
Real tennis at Fontainebleau Wikipedia Jeu de paume at the 1908 Summer Olympics Live and archive of matches  
The photos below show the Newmarket & Suffolk Real Tennis Club where I am a member
The Court is asymmetric in both axes. The view from the service end ..................and back from the hazard end
The service end with the dedans at the back and side galleries
Preparing to serve ....... ........ and receive
With my tennis partner, Charles, we got through to the final of the Newmarket Real Tennis Club's Fingleton Cup (handicap doubles). We even won the first set .....but lost the next two. Still 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 wasn't too bad!  


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