Jan 20 Northants/Lincs


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The main purpose of the trip was to try and find 2 Lilliput Lane buildings. This proved to be very difficult.
"Anyone for Tennis was meant to be at Barnston in Northants but in fact appears to be on the private estate of Lilford Hall. We waited until the occupants took off and then leaned over their fence with telephoto lense to get the picture . For this reason we only have a long range shot taken with a telephoto lens. But we think we found it! This was the first such "adventure" It was really thrilling to see one of my models in person.

Anyone for tennis from side.jpg (5715 bytes)

4x3 Anyone for tennis orig.jpg (64621 bytes)
Lilliput Lane model Lxxxx   "Anyone for Tennis" Photo of a pavillion on the Lilford Hall Estate near Barnston
To George Stamford.jpg (12948 bytes) We were unsuccessful at findin "I.N.Mongers" as we only had the model to go on.

However consolation was having lunch at the George Stamford. Steeped in history, this smartly bustling old coaching inn has retained its character despite now having every modern comfort. It was built in 1597 for Lord Burghley, though there are surviving parts of a much older Norman pilgrims hospice - and a crypt under the cocktail bar that may be 1000 years old. If you are from Detroit, think the Whitney only really, really, really old. It was quite amazing.

From George Stamford.jpg (11073 bytes) There's a medley of seats in its civilised, but relaxed rooms ranging from sturdy bar settles through leather, cane and antique wicker to soft settees and easy chairs, while the central lounge has sturdy timbers, broad flagstones, heavy beams, and massive stonework; some claim that you can see a ghostly girl's face in the wooden panelling in the London room. There's waiter drinks service in the cobbled courtyard at the back which is lovely in summer, with comfortable chairs and tables among attractive plant tubs and colourful hanging baskets; there's also a neatly maintained walled garden, with a sunken lawn where croquet is often played. This picture was taken before all the plants came in to flower - hope I can go back!
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