Walk/Tfl Route


This route has been prepared by John Saville in February 2007 for use by a group of Girl Guides from Oxfordshire . Before using it you should recheck bus/tube routes with the Transport for London Journey Planner for the date/time you are planning.

The route is based on the "Serpentine Running Club: Route 18: The Monopoly Run" which was originally devised by Nick Slade in 2004.

Overall Route
Detail of the central part
Paddington Station start Paddington NR  Stop:  H Buses every: 3 - 5  mins
Take the Bus 436 towards Lewisham / The Lewisham Centre Max journey time: 11  mins
or Bus 23 towards Liverpool Street    
Marble Arch or Bus 36 towards New Cross Gate Bus Garage    
Oxford Street Look East along Oxford Street    
Park Lane
South on Park Lane and turn left (East)  onto 
Mayfair (Grosvenor Square)   Upper Brook St to Grosvenor Square (American Embassy which is in Mayfair    
Bond Street   Continue East along Brook Street and you will cross Bond Street    
  Continue East along Brook Street and  round Hanover Sq (keep south) and east on Hanover street to    
Regent Street   Go slightly right (south) and across to Gt Marlborough St    
Marlborough Street It's by the side of Liberty's (turn round and back to Regent Street    
Regent Street Walk down Regent Street past Hamley's to Swallow Street and turn left into it    
Vine Street Down Swallow St on the left will be Vine Street    
Piccadilly Continue down Swallow St to Piccadilly    
Piccadilly Circus Turn left (East) along Piccadilly to Piccadilly Circus ("Eros")    
Coventry St Continue across Piccadilly Circus to the East which is Coventry St    
Leicester Square Continue East to Leicester Square    
Continue  across to South East of Square to Charing Cross Road    
Trafalgar Square Walk South to Trafalgar Square    
Walk anti clockwise round the Square in front of National Gallery    
Pall Mall Then in front of Canada House and turn right (west) onto Pall Mall    
Whitehall Continue round Trafalgar Square, across the Mall at Admiralty Arch and then to Whitehall    
Northumberland Avenue Continue round Trafalgar Square to Northumberland Avenue    
Strand Continue round Trafalgar Square to Strand near Charing Cross station    
  Trafalgar Square/Charing Cross  Stop:  F Buses every: 2 - 5  mins
Take the Bus 23 towards Liverpool Street    
or Bus 15 towards Blackwall    
or Bus 15 (Heritage Routemaster Service) towards Tower Hill / Tower Of London    
or Bus 11 towards Liverpool Street    
Alight at Strand Palace Hotel     
Bow Street Walk up Wellington Street to Bow Streert    
Walk back down to Strand    
Pick up bus again    
Fleet St   You will be travelling along Fleet Street. Get off at Ludgate Circus and look back along Fleet St    
Up Ludgate Hill to St Paul's Cathedral and keep to the south of the cathedral    
Turn south to cross over the Millennium Bridge towards Tate Modern    
Electric Company Tate Modern was an Electric Power Station    
Jail Follow River path east and you will come to Clink Street with its Jail    
Water Works Follow River path east and you will come under London Bridge. This is the site of London Bridge Waterworks marked by disco lights in Tooley Street??    
  JSTOR: A Description of the Water-Works at London-Bridge ...    
Go up onto London Bridge    
  London Bridge Station  Stop:  Y    
Take the Bus 21 towards Lewisham / The Lewisham Centre Buses every: 8  mins
Old Kent Road   Alight at Dunton Road / Old Kent Road Max journey time: 18  mins
  Return to Dunton Road / Old Kent Road  Stop:  NA    
Take the Bus 78 towards Calvert Avenue    
Tower Gateway Alight Tower Gateway    
Fenchurch Street  
Walk to Fenchurch Street   8 Mins
Whitechapel Road Walk east along Fenchurch Street, Aldgate to Whitechapel Road (A11)    
Aldgate East Walk back to Aldgate East tube station    
Liverpool St Take Hammersmith & City Line to Liverpool St    
Kings Cross Take Hammersmith & City Line or Circle Line to Kings Cross     
Euston Road Outside Kings Cross to West is Euston Road     
Pentonville Road  Outside Kings Cross to East is Pentonville Road     
Angel Islington Back to Kings Cross and take Northern line to Angel    
Angel Stop R Take the Bus 205 towards Eastbourne Terrace     
  or Bus 30 towards Marble Arch    
Marylebone Station   Alight at Baker Street and walk to Marylebone Station    
  (note some Bus 205 may go to the station)    
From Marylebone Underground take Bakerloo Line to Paddington    


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