Mel 2002 GP Formula 1


The 2002 Foster's Melbourne Grand Prix will be remembered for a major crash at the start and for early season points  for Jaguar, Minardi and Toyota

3x2 parade lap.jpg (15489 bytes)

3x2 parade lap b.jpg (9344 bytes)

The parade lap was quiet enough

The Jaguar's had only qualified 20/21

4x3 RSC mounts rb.jpg (82387 bytes)

3x2 RSC flying on TV.jpg (10364 bytes)

At turn 1 Ralf Schumacher's McLaren "mounted" Rubens Barrichello's Ferrari and flew through the air

3x2 RSC through sandtrap.jpg (15019 bytes)

....landed safely but went straight ahead across the sand trap into the tyre wall but was unharmed

7x3 our boys get through.jpg (21738 bytes)

....but behind many cars collided, with rear markers (including the Jaguars) to slip through....
3x2 parked after attrition.jpg (14373 bytes) 3x2 EI5 and DLR6.jpg (13962 bytes)
..several drivers ran back to the pits anticipating a restart in their "T Cars" but the race continued with an unusual looking leader board. Eddie ended 4th. Pedro 8th
3x2 parked off track after attrition.jpg (18898 bytes) A sad site as cars which had been in preparation for many weeks spent all but the first few seconds of the race parked at trackside (These are a Toyota, Jordan and Sauber)
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