May Day

Up May Day Red 'Oss May Day Blue 'Oss

The May Day celebrations in Padstow have been something I wanted to participate in for decades. I was able to do so in 2009

it is famous for the dancing through the streets of the Obby 'Oss

(of which there are two -- Red & Blue)

and the song (of which there are 3!)   Night Song  Day Song and one for midnight at the end of the day.

           BBC website

Padstow website  Information Britain

The Red ("Original") 'Oss The Blue 'Oss
Celebrations start the evening before May day
  Revellers singing the Evening Song
Crowds at the Golden Lion, home of the Red ("Original") 'Oss The May Pole
is heavily decorated with flowers and garlands Bunting over the streets
All boats in the (very crowded) harbour displaying flags

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