Marathon 2009



The 2009 London Marathon on April 26th.  I watched at Greenwich (7 mile) Narrow Street 14 mile) from where the photos below are taken.

This year it was my youngest cousin, Ian Jordan, who was running his first Marathon.

This year an Indian Restaurant, Veranda, on Mosaic Square was serving beverages .... much more civilised way to watch!
Ian's brothers Peter & Michael, with fellow Benfleet  Runner, Caroline, enjoying the spectacle
Ian arriving at this point in the centre of the crowd
Mike reversed roles as supporter ..... providing refreshment.... ..and Ian was on his way
blank complete in 6:15  
Ian was not the only "Jordan" taking part. Here Katie Price runs preceded by husband, Peter Andre, who  turns to encourage her (She injured her knee at 8 miles but they completed in 7:11)
The long arm of the law.... You'd have thought a Womble would be helping to clean the streets!
Peak time at 7 Mile
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