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Winter Wonderland Clifton Hampden Various private dwellings and Church   Jun 09 On or around High Street

Church of St Michael & all the Angels.

N51.655 W1.210 248803
snow picture on  
Lilliput Lane's "Winter Wonderland" is based on buildings in and off the High Street, Clifton Hampden

Photo: JRS

Photo: Jan & Mike Tarrant

Church of St Michael & All Angels

IoE 248803

Map & Info


Photo: Jan & Mike Tarrant

 Photo: JRS

Jan Tarrant info:

High Street (next to the No 1 (3?) Cottage)


JRS: "Fleur de Lys"

OX14 3EE

opposite school

Frith 1955 


Photo: Jan & Mike Tarrant

Photo: JRS

JRS: Fir Tree Cottage or Magnolia Cottage ???

High Street next to Post Office

OX14 3EE

(see Clifton Hampden page which forms a sort of map) 

4 ? JRS: "I can't work out where this is meant to be. It can't represent the Thames bridge. The archway up to the church is not castellated [248804] and there is a lych gate at the top.We do not now or a castellated arch in Clifton Hampden.

Jan Tarrant has identified such a wall in Shirburn which is 13 mies away.

IoE 249007


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