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Some Lilliput Lane Models in New England (For complete list click the "up" button)

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Name Model Original Building Notes on Location
Cape Cod Cottage   Massachusetts
Covered Bridge  Other Possibles:

Johnson Scribner or Mudget

Montgomery, Lower or Potter

Moxley or Guy

Braley, Upper Blaisdell or Johnson


Kingsley or Mill River

Rutland Twin

Hall, Barber Park or Osgood



[Based on dquare opening (no chamfer), solid side and lean back of end ]

Randolph Gifford or C.K.Smith

Pittsford Cooley

Charlotte Lower or Quinlan

Memo: Covered Bridges of Vermont

Fire House 1    Damariscotta


The Firehouse Gallery

One Bristol Road,  04543
Phone: 207-563-7299


"today a clothing store" (was Margot Smith) Now it's an art gallery

Great Point Light  12 Pics Nantucket Island,


Great Point Light


Northeast point of Nantucket Island


Photo: GW
Grist Mill    New England
Ice Cold Coke Pics Franconia Notch State Park, , New Hampshire


Flume Covered Bridge

Lobster At The Pier    New England
Nature’s Bounty  Detail Pics Sudbury, Massachusetts

Wayside Inn Gristmill

72 Wayside Inn Road
Tel: (978) 443-1776

One Nation Under God  Pic Thomaston, Maine

St. John Baptist,  Episcopal Church

200 Main St.



Photo: GW
Rambling Rose    Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

100 year old house

Safe Harbor   


Slide Show


Brewster island, Massachusetts

Boston Harbor Light Station





Shave And A Haircut    Wytopitlock, Maine
They Don't Make 'em Like They Used To   Sturbridge (nr)

Inspired by antique shop near Sturbridge, MA

Victoriana    Rockport


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