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The name sounds like a combination of Great or Little Saxham which are villages just  west of Bury St Edmunds.
However In "Cottages of Lilliput Lane" David Tate says: "Inspired by the villages of Cavendish and Bungay......."

Cavendish (right) has pink thatched cottages but none with the dormers depicted in the model.

Bungay has cottages with the roofline and dormers in Earsham Street but none are thatched



1 Candidates:

Given the name the round tower church might be St Nicholas, Little Saxham but the roof line and windows do not fit

Cavendish church has a square tower. n Bungay, Holy Trinity Church. [IoE 411723] has a round tower but the porch is wrong.

A check was made of all Round Tower Churches (wiki) in Suffolk, using the Suffolk Churches website.

Shortlisting for Castellations, roofline, porch & window shapes:

(note the porch on the model is {unusually} on the north not south side)

Bramfield, St Andrew (thatched but detached tower)

Holton, St Peter (has long nave on north side)

Onehouse, St John the Baptist (similar lots of minor details wrong)

Risby, St Giles (near Bury & Saxham but windows in tower wrong)

Spexhall, St Peter (lots of similarities)

Thorington, St Peter (only one with porch on north side, but tower  is more embellished than model)

4 Pic: IoE 282903 On the model this is described as "the vicarage" and could be based on:

Old Rectory

[Sue Ryder Home]

High Street


IoE 282903

8 OK, so the "Saxham St Edmunds" sign on the model is not a road sign, but if it were this is the nearest you'd get to it!
9  Potential War Memorials


Bungay (wrong shape - Celtic)

Bury St Edmunds (wrong shape - Celtic)

Little Saxham (Only plaque in side church?)

Great Saxham (Only plaque in side church?)



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