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Lilliput Lane Models in Lincolnshire (see also Rutland)

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Pictures of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Ref. IoE
The Bottle Lodges Burghley Park Open to public Sep 11 The Bottle Lodges,

West Lodges

Burghley Park




Burghley Park Boathouse Burghley Park Open to public Sep 11 The Boathouse

About 500 Yards East South East of Burghley House




Christmas Post Belton, near Grantham Private Dwelling .

Dial Cottage

Main Road

NG32 2LW

N52.9470 W0.6164 382930
Cushions & Curtains Sutterton . L2863  


Station Road (east side)



Drapers .. Lincoln, Lincs

Not Leistershire

. .   Jew's House

15, The Straight

. 486271
Old Forge At Belton Belton Private Dwelling     Old Forge At Belton

Main Road

NG32 2LW

(Opp entrance to Belton House)

N52.9450 W0.6212 382922
Teapot Hall No longer exists Dalderby      

Teapot Hall burned down in 1945 
site off A153 between Horncastle and Roughton

Vanbrugh Lodge Grimsthorpe Castle Visits 759  

Gardeners Cottage

. .
Witham Delph Manthorpe Private Dwelling .    Ivy Dene

15, High Road

NG31 8NG

N52.9291 W0.6325 382897

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