John's Transport


Some examples of John's means of transport over the years.
First Trike His Raleigh "Trike"
First car on his own (but he never had a pedal car of his own!) At the controls of a Shackleton, St Mawgan (1952-1957)
His first car. A 1955 Standard 10 bought from Eric'n'Eileen in 1966  
His one drive of a single seat race car was this Formula 2000 at In his old age in Michigan he drove a 4.6L Mustang convertible. As someone said to him as he picked up his first one and had to dig it out of the snow in January...."you'll start to enjoy that around May!". During his last week in Michigan there was 18" of snow. Not a good car to have!
4x3 jag Jul 4,01.jpg (10991 bytes) 4x3 ka & jag.jpg (10102 bytes)
On return to the UK John was given an Jaguar XJ8... ...and then several S Types and a Ka

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