John attended the 2001 US Grand Prix at Indianapolis. He was there for interviews with the press and financial analysts.

It was Murray walker's last race after 50 years of commentating for BBC/ITV. John had a chat with him the morning of teh race and then with Murray and his wife at Breakfast as we all left on the Monday.


3x3 Monument circle.jpg (9959 bytes)

Monument Circle as seen from John's bedroom window

4x3 indy race start with crews.jpg (24282 bytes) 4x3 indy race start with crews 2.jpg (25905 bytes)
Pit crews before the start
4x3 indy race 1.jpg (15438 bytes)
The race starts................................................. ..................part way through
4x3 Jag Pit Wall stand.jpg (18743 bytes) 4x3 Jac and Niki small.jpg (11501 bytes)

The pit wall was manned by Niki Lauda (Team Principal) and Ford CEO, Jac Nasser

4x3 John Ben Sam.jpg (9917 bytes) 2x3 Erin at pit.jpg (9491 bytes) 4x2 HP Guests small.jpg (14046 bytes)
John with Ben Berentson of  Forbes Magazine and Sam Manusco, VP Sales HP North America. Erin Kellam. Her Dad is a great Jaguar racing fan and was in the stands Greg Moran (Ford), Erin Kellam, Mike Needham (HP), Dave Shore (HP)
5x3 ei webbo.jpg (21230 bytes) Eddie Irvine explains how things have been going to Jaguar Racing's guests.

In the race he came 5th.

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