Grosse Ile



We visited Grosse Ile on July 22, 2006 for a boat trip on Mike & Marge Coogan's boat with Nancy & Paul Shank
Photo Credits:   [PNS] = Paul or Nancy Shank]     [MC]  = Mike or Marge Coogan  all July  22, 2006
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"Irish Si" at her new mooring The Sanyo blimp operates from the Airport, (see "A Ride to Remember"}. Grosse Ile was home of the ZMC-2 -- the only metal skinned airship ever built (1929).   More ZMC-2    
We went to the Ford Yacht Club Details the ladies had been singing along the way
  We had an excellent meal at the Club......
.......with a spectacular view. Marge & Mike checking some photos
John & Judy           [PNS] Paul & Nancy            [MC]
A more formal informal shot [PNS]
Paul, Judy, Mike, Marge and Nancy [PNS]
We enjoyed a spectacular sunset

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