Great Tew


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Pictures of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Ref. IoE
Faithful Friends Great Tew Private Residence L2354   15 - 18 Old Road N51.960  


Merry Christmas Great Tew Falkland Arms Pub .   Falkland Arms pub in Old Road N51.960  


Open All Hours Great Tew Post Office & Village Stores L2380   Village Stores

Old Road

N51.9608 W1.4251 .
Santa's Little Helper Great Tew Private Residence L2352   31 The Avenue N51.960  


John visited Great Tew on July 21, 2005 to kill some time before a Formula Student meeting at the Renault F! factory nearby. He had a recollection of the name Great Tew from either the Lilliput Lane models or the Good Pub Guide. In fact there are 3 LL models there and one of them is a GPG pub! and the rest of the village is charming as well.

Lilliput Lane's "Merry Christmas" is based on The Falkland Arms which appears in the "2008 Good Pub Guide".

Formerly known as the Horse and Groom, the pub is located on a site that has been home to a public house for at least 500 years . IoE  251869

Photo to the left shows the buidling before it was obscured with hedges.

"Faithful Friends" is based on 15-18 OLD ROAD          IoE 251874

Photo: Claire Scott

Lilliput Lane's "Open All Hours" is based on the Post Office & Village Stores

"Santa's Little Helper" is based on   31 The Avenue       IoE 251879


15 - 18 Old Road from another view

"Old Thatch" 29 The Avenue  IoE 251880

The Green towards the Falkland Arms

43 to 47 The Green    47  IoE 251894   46 IoE 251893   43 IoE 251892

  Great Tew House was home of the Falkland family IoE 251848

Bee Bole Cottage (36 The Avenue IoE 251882) is slightly remote at the bottom of the village. Named after the Bee boles or dog-kennels in the garden. (IoE 251883) Probably early C19.

Village School  Built in 1852 by Matthew Boulton, son of the great industrialist, who was the owner of the Great Tew estate IoE 251890  


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