Last updates 07 October 2011

Giverny is the village where Claude Monet lived and worked most of his life

His house and gardens are now the Claude Monet Foundation at Giverny

monets hopuse.jpg (23225 bytes) 4x3 garden map.jpg (23550 bytes)
The house Map of gardens: two parts on either side of the road: house & lily pond
4x3 rose arhes.jpg (21411 bytes) blue garden.jpg (46599 bytes)
The Rose Arch A blue flower bed
4x3 lily pond.jpg (20952 bytes) 4x3 lily pond bridge.jpg (36494 bytes)
Lily Pond (with workman on boat) Lily Pond and Japanese Bridge
4x3 judy on japanese bridge.JPG (39244 bytes)  
Judy on the Japanese Bridge  
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