We have 2 sheds both of which were overgrown with 10 feet of ivy. This is the story of their recovery (literally!) to bring them back into use.

When we bought the house the ivy on the shed was tall........ ...and it got worse....
...and worse.... ..until something had to be done!
With the ivy removed we found an old corrugated tin roof -- with holes
Prior to replacement. Note originally there were 3 doors. With the old roof off. Some beams needed replacing
It was lined and then re-tiled using reclaimed pantiles The shed had 3 doors....this one was hidden
Next task was to clear the inside !
the inside had been invaded by ivy...this was after most had been cleared....also snails had moved in by the hundred
Once cleared you can see it was originally 3 rooms with signs of WC pans in the far and middle one...gas/water in near.
Smartening with new paint...and the tile box turned into a planter with the old gate and a  final touch with a pub sign!
  Meerkats imported to guard the sweet peas

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