Gable Cottage

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4x3 Gable 006.jpg (9556 bytes)
Gable Cottage is John's new home from March 2003 April 2008
4x3 roof painting.jpg (9943 bytes) We have made several changed to the exterior, and we have also started work on the garden
4x3 giraffe window.jpg (5871 bytes) We redecorated the interior in the first 8 weeks. Some rooms have animal themes
5x3 cats.jpg (18184 bytes) When we bought the house the previous owner was concerned about the two cats as she planned to move from the country. We had thought about buying a cat so the logical conclusion was for them to stay and us to move in with them...........
4x3 ducks 1.jpg (10689 bytes) On Thursday April 17, 2003, Judy had an unexpected surprise as a mallard couple came to the garden and stayed.

This was the main thing she missed from living with the stream at Mill Street.

They have been called Henry and Katherine, stars of "On muddy pond", which is the current state of the water feature in the garden. We enjoyed watching ducklings growing up.

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