FS Web Cafe


  • In 2005 the IEE was asked to provide a Wireless Hot Spot so teams could access their home databases and web-sites.
  • This involved providing a link from laptops within the temporary tent village in the middle of an aitfield.
  • Fortunately, "Big Thunder" which runs motoring events at Bruntingthorpe had a broadband ADSL link.
  • With the help of Bryan Cross of  DHK Communications we installed a point to point link from the Control Tower across to the Student Tent.
  • I then installed a Wireless access Point which gave coverage of the Student Tent, where food and drink is served, which became a large Web Cafe, and into most pit areas.
One problem in 2005 is that a week before the event there isn't a remote end to target!

Not such a problem in 2006

Control Tower with the ADSL link For temporary installations you have to use what's there
Base antenna was installed on the roof....... ......with good line of sight to the tent complex
Remote end was improvised behind the IEE stand....antenna. (2005). 2006 was a proper pole installation outside the tent .........Switch and Wireless Access Point  (2005)
Bryan Cross commissioning remote end (2006) Access could be by CAT 5 cable to the switch......... (2005)
.....and the wireless customers were very happy  
Concept Schematic (

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