FS 2013


Formula Student 2013 was held at Silverstone just after the British Grand Prix. I acted as a Business Presentation judge (moderator)
The Welcome signs still reflected the British Grand Prix from the week before
The main concourse with the pits
I Mech E staff information desk Sponsors displays
The map of the activity areas
I was a moderator for the Business Presentation Judging
The Design Judging takes place in the pits
The first activity of the teams is to get their car through scrutineering
Part of tey test is teh Tilt Table
Support activities include welding
One of the teams has a complete workshop in a truck which they allow other teams to use.
Fuel Stations for conventional....... ....and low carbon
The vAcceleration Test takes place on teh old grid for the Grand Prix
The Lateral Force Test Teams looking at posted results

Some good friends of mine, Suzanne & Michael Royce,  had published a book "Learn & Compete" on how to do well in the competition. I foolishly pointed out that, whilst there were chapters on most aspects of design, there wasn't a chapter on Business Presentation -- so I found myself writing that chapter for the second edition of the book which will be published in the US next year.

Sponsors provide other activities for teams and visitors ....including the Landrover 4x4 challenge
A Mercedes Show Car Some prvious FS cars



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