There is a variety of wildlife at the back of the house primarily the ducks, which have been named!

These are my favorite ducks - they have the most obvious personalities. They are Deidre, Morty, and Bruno. Morty is polite enough to use the paved walkway up from the stream. The ducks have to hop up 8 steps to our garden. Morty and one other duck will actually eat out of my hand.

morty diedre bruno web.jpg (6763 bytes) morty.jpg (8458 bytes)
Morty, Diedre and Bruno Morty has a tendency to come up to the back door and tap at the glass to get me to feed him.
judy and blanca web.jpg (9598 bytes) blanca web.jpg (7444 bytes)
....feeding Blanca she will eat directly from my hand and she did let me pet her once. Apparently she has never been touched by a human until now Blanca is called that because she has very bad blonde coloring for a mallard female.
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These are the Boys. their women are off sitting on nests so they are doing a little male bonding.
4x3 blanca 200211.jpg (4761 bytes)
Blanca Nov 2002
We returned to see "old friends" in May 2005
...and again Feb 9, 2006
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