Up Dearborn from Air Fairlane Woods 007 @ HF Museum Greenfield Village

John has been travelling to Ford in Dearborn, MI since 1982. From August 1996 to December 2001 John worked for Ford in Dearborn, Michigan. He travelled back to Europe about 1 week in 4.

John had an apartment in Fairlane Woods in Dearborn.

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He was Manager, C3P Planning and Deployment based in the Alpha Building

C3P is Ford's acronym for CAD/CAM/CAE/PIM (where PIM in  turn is Product Information Management).

This was an extension of the work he has been doing for nearly 20 years and his role is to ensure that the latest levels of CADCAM systems are deployed effectively to all Ford sites and suppliers across the world

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An earlier role was that of Manager Advanced Technology Planning looking at Ford's future IT needs where he had offices in the Planning building (above left), Ford Systems Integration Center (above right) and World Headquarters (right) 4x3 whq.jpg (8930 bytes)
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Originally John spent time in hotels such as the Dearborn Hyatt Later he used the Dearborn Inn, an historic building which was the world's first airport hotel!
Fairlane Manor home of Henry & Clara Ford
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His favourite restaurant and bar was TGI Fridays in Dearborn Judy, Carolina & Geoff Pluszczynski, Jacki & Tom Bacus [Jan 21, 2001] at Benihani
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He also entertained the troops at the Alpha Christmas party with parody songs about his fellow managers.  

John, Judy, Steve {looking worried for once}, Walt and Kevin at Steve's birthday at Bailey's July 21, 2006 Steve , John , Kevin at Baileys Oct 5, 2010
Dearborn Episcopal Church, John attended whilst living in Dearborn  





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