Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum Vitae

John R Saville B.Sc. C.Eng CITP, MBCS, MIEE

Date of Birth:     28 April 1947

Graduated:        June 1968 from Reading University          B.Sc. 2.1 in Cybernetics


  • Chartered Engineer

  • Chartered Information Technology Professional

  • Corporate Member of British Computer Society

  • Corporate Member of Institution of Electrical Engineers

  • Member of Computer Graphics Pioneers (US)

Retired     August 2002

Since retirment I have been involved in the following activities (though not all current)

  •   Consultancy on a day by day basis to companies who wish to take advantage of my experience

  • IEE/IET Automotive and Road Traffic Systems PN Executive Team

  • Deputy Chief Judge of Formula Student

  • Chief Presentation Judge of Formula Student and Formula Hybrid (US)

  • Judge at 4 x 4 in Schools


Manager, Strategic Projects, IT                                               Ford of Europe

July 2002 to August 2002                                              Based at Jaguar Racing

·         Pre-retirement assignment  doing internal consultancy

·         Developed strategy for Cosworth Racing to communicate design information with its supply base to support it’s activities providing engines for Formula 1 and CART


Chief Information Officer                                             Jaguar Racing

January 2001 to June 2002                                           Milton Keynes 

The key responsibility was to ensure that Jaguar Racing exploited Information Systems to gain a competitive advantage towards its success in the Formula 1 Championship:

·         Developed a 5 Year Systems Plan

·         Prepared and managed the budget for all Information Systems expenditure

·         Provided consultancy to the Jaguar Racing Management team on all Information Systems matters

·         Provide an in-house service to all the major business functions including Engineering, Production, Race Team, Test Team, Finance, Marketing, Purchasing  and  Supply  &  Human Resources

·         Worked with the commercial team to obtain additional IT Sponsors

·         Managed the technical relationship with the IT Sponsors (HP, AT&T, EDS etc) and  technology partners etc to provide “showcase” opportunities.

·         Made technical presentations on behalf of IT Sponsors in Australia, Canada, US, Italy, Ireland, Holland)

·         Ensured appropriate support  available to the track based teams

·         Provided day to day operational support, for hardware and software, and for other systems supporting the business:  by procuring, commissioning and installing workstations, PCs, associated peripherals,  and software, for CADCAM, CAE, Data Management, Office Automation and general Office applications.

·         Planned, installed and supported the network infrastructure, within the factory facility, to the trackside teams, with major partners (e.g. Cosworth, Pi, etc), links to external suppliers Leveraged Ford networks to increase quality and substantially reduce costs.

·         Developed the Systems Department, and it’s personnel.


Manager, C3P Global Development and Deployment Ford Automotive Operations

April 1998 to December 2000                                       Michigan USA

Responsible for Development and Deployment of CADCAM, Visualisation and Product Information Management Systems for Ford Operations Worldwide including affiliate companies Mazda, Jaguar, Landrover:

·         Ensured consistent effective infrastructure implemented internally 8000 Engineering workstations, 200+ servers)

·         Developed and implemented strategies for exchange of CADCAM data with1700 suppliers through direct links.

·         Ensured appropriate training in place globally

·         Developed, implemented and managed process for testing and implementing new software releases,  The upgrade, including operating system and over 30 applications had to be effected over a weekend in 17 countries on 5 continents to upgrade 8000 workstations and 200 servers within Ford and its affiliate companies and at 1700 suppliers worldwide

·         Staff  total permanent and contract 250 (US 210/Germany  20/UK  20)

·         For part of this time responsible for the development of the software which involved getting agreed requirements from across many engineering departments withing several companies and then working with key software vendors to ensure software developed and tested in a timely manner


Manager, Manufacturing CAE, CADCAM and PIM        Ford Automotive Operations

April 1996 to April 1998                                                Michigan USA /Warley UK

 ·         Planning, development, implementation and support for CAE,CADCAM and Product Information Management Systems for Ford Manufacturing Operations Worldwide. This includes Product and Manufacturing Engineering for Powertrain and Components Operations as well as Manufacturing Engineering for Vehicle Assembly , implementation at 150 plants and links to the supply base. (Total program expenditure over $200 million)

·         Staff  total permanent and contract 130 (US 90/Germany  20/UK  20)


 Manager, Advanced Technology Planning                  Ford Automotive Operations

October 1994 to April 1996                                           Warley UK/Michigan USA


·         Developed Process for the identification and effective introduction of new IS technology

·         Established a new Global CADCAM policy for Ford ($600 million decision. Key member (only European) on the team.

·         Evaluated the applicability of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) packages for a new Order to Delivery Process and identified strategic vendor to partner with. Key member (only European) on the team

·         Established architecture for a Global cross-functional infrastructure, to replace the disparate divisional and  geographic infrastructure currently in place.

·         Developed strategy for UNIX Platforms (workstations and servers). Co-leader of team..

·         Developed Intranet strategy. Only European on team.

·         Introduced series of Technology Updates for IS Executive Management

·         Staff (1 Germany)    



 Manager, CAE & CADCAM Systems                             Ford of Europe

January 1990 to October 1994                                      Systems Office, Dunton

 ·         Planned, developed, implemented and supported CAE & CADCAM Systems for Ford of Europe's Design, Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Plants, including links to its supply base (1994 capital spending $48 million p.a.)

·         "Account Manager" of Systems portfolio for all systems required to support Ford Product Development activities in Europe.

·          Implemented effective use of CAD for Design for development of aesthetic design of cars without physical models           .

·         Implemented step-change in use of CAE in Ford of Europe

·         Developed and implemented Ford Net CDX strategy for CADCAM Data Exchange with

suppliers (resulting in growth of on-line connections from 50 to 200 in 2 years -- now 340 in 4 years)

·         Staff 90: 50 UK/40 Germany



Manager, Product Development Systems                    Ford of Europe

June 1987 to December 1989                                       Product Development, Dunton

 ·         Planned, developed, implemented and supported all information systems required for Ford's Design, Research and Development activities across Europe (Included Office Automation ($31 m investment), Real-time Test, CAE, CADCAM, Information Systems)

·         Managed Communications and Data Centres at R & D sites (Dunton and Merkenich)

·         Responsible for career development program for Ford Systems first line management across Europe (including development of Oxford Ford Program at Templeton College Oxford

·         Successfully introduced systems for CAD in Design (Paint System, CDRS, HDTV)

·         Implemented numerous systems including 95% CADCAM penetration on Mondeo

·         Introduced Ford of Europe CADCAM the Master Strategy and gained Executive Management approval and participation.

·         Staff 100 60 UK/40 Germany plus 35 contractors


 Manager CDW27 Systems                                            Ford of Europe

October 1986 to May 1987                                            Systems Office, Warley

 ·         Developed Strategic Information Systems plan to ensure effective development of Ford's first worldcar (Mondeo). This included identification of information flows and             systems solutions for all activities including Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply and Finance.

·         Developed overall strategic plan and agreed with Senior Management

·         Recommended appropriate Information Systems solution by using existing systems worldwide, building bridges between existing systems in Europe & North America, development of new "Global Solutions"

·         Ensured plans to meet requirements were developed and monitored on-going progress

·         Staff 1 UK /1 USA



 Manager, Computer Aided Manufacture                      Ford of Europe

August 1982     to         October 1986                            Systems Office, Warley

 ·         Developed and implemented strategy for application of CADCAM to Ford of Europe Manufacturing (Die Design, Process and Tooling Development, and Plant Layout)

·         Developed and implemented CADCAM Awareness training sessions for Manufacturing Management across Europe (400 managers in 22 sessions in 6 countries)

·         Built team from 6 to 30 (UK/Germany) by hiring blend of experienced people and graduates



Manager, Process Control Systems                                         Ford of Europe

December 1980            to August 1982                                    Systems Office, Warley

·         Managed department implementing all real-time shop floor systems to support Ford Manufacturing activities across Europe.

·         Staff review of all real-time projects across Europe

·         Successfully implemented a range of real-time shop floor systems for assembly broadcast, machine monitoring, quality reporting and product test for plants producing cars, trucks and engines in Britain, Germany, Spain and Belgium

·         Staff (30 across Europe)


Supervisor QC & Test Systems                                     Ford of Europe

March 1978 to December 1980                                     Systems Office, Warley

 ·         Supervised design, development, implementation and on-going support of  Quality Reporting and Test Systems for Manufacturing in Europe

·         Staff review of all QC and test systems proposals across Europe

·         Specified developed and implemented shop floor systems for launch of Bridgend Engine Plant (QRS, Hot Test, Engine Evaluation)

·         Staff 6         (UK/Germany/Spain)


 Coordinator QC Systems                                  Ford of Europe

June 1976 to March 1978                                  Systems Office, Warley

. ·         Coordinated design, development, implementation on-going support of Quality   Reporting Systems (Shop floor and mainframe) for Manufacturing in Europe

·         Staff review of QC projects across Product Development and Manufacturing

·         Staff (1 England, 1 Germany)



 Systems Analyst/Senior Systems Analyst                     Ford of Europe

August 1972 to June 1976                                             Systems Office, Warley

 ·         Designed, developed (including programming and specification of hardware interfaces),  implemented and supported shop floor test systems for cars in various European manufacturing locations [Steady state emission test for Capri (Cologne 1972),Quality Audit Emission Test (Federal and European -- Cologne,  Aveley 1973/4), Distributor test Belfast (1975), Diesel Engine Test, Dagenham (1976)]


 Jnr/Systems Engineer                                                  Marconi Company Ltd.,

September 1968 to August 1972                                               Great Baddow

 ·         Developed real-time demonstration systems using digital data transmission over mobile radio and computer graphics. Successful demonstration resulted in sales of systems to Bristol Omnibus and London Transport

·         Evaluated retro-reflective materials and developed pulse width coded "passive beacon" system

·         Developed proposal for Home Office 'MADE' project and developed prototype equipment (demonstrated at "Communications 72" in Brighton



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