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These are Churches which have meant a lot to us .

We also have pages for Churches & Cathedrals we've visited.

Kingsley Hall, Dagenham where John was baptised and grew up till he was 12. His Mum & Dad were married there and were lifelong members. Emily still attends each week. [Picture by Gareth Lucas] Our Lady of Loretto, Redford where Judy's family attended when she was a child
Blank for photo of Newman house
St Paul's, Great Baddow where John attended for 30 years and led worship and preached as a Reader (Lay Minister) Newman House, Schoolcraft College, Livonia where Judy worshipped for many years.
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Newport Pagnell Methodist Church where we attended 2001/2  
St Philp & St Ethelreda, Exning where we currently worship when in the UK Redford Aldersgate United Methodist Church where we currently worship when in the US

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