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Judy & John made 2 trips to Chicago together in June 2001 and June 2002

In June 2001 the main purpose was to visit the UK consulate and obtain an entry visa for Judy to stay in the UK for an additonal 6 months

In June 2002 it was to get her a passport in her new name.

On both occcassions we did some sightseeing including 2 boat trips, an architectural tour on the river and a lake cruise to see the skyline.

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Sears Tower Hancock Tower Architectural River Trip Lake Trip Oak Park:Frank Lloyd Wright
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Wrigley Building. British Consulate on 4th floor View from our first hotel to the river
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In June 2002 we met with Judy's friend , Pam Dorr, for an excellent meal at the riverside restaurant, Sorriso (used by the rich and famous!)
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The Hyatt Hotel has an incredible bar with several hundred feet of bar and bottles
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Chicago Institute of Arts: Home of "American Gothic"          Parodies
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The Magnificent Mile has many shops including "Sharper Image" A view from Navy Pier towards the city


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