Up Three Mills Bow: Kingsley Hall Childrens House

Bromley-By-Bow is the area where my paternal grandparents and father lived until they moved to Dagenham
They attended Kingsley Hall Bow My Uncle Gerry attended "Children's House"
58 and 60 Bruce Road where the Lester Sisters started meetings  
Bromley-By-Bow Centre including the cafe where I often have a morning coffee and "Bob's Park"

The gate was formerly at Northumberland House near Trafalgar Square


The Passenger             Sculptures by Paula Haughney who has a studio at the centre                 
At the junction of Bromley High Street and St Leonard's Street..........................

This gate is all that's left of
St Leonard's Priory

The Seven Stars is now flats
Three Mills  
East End lunch of Pie, Mash & Liquor at "G Kelly"  


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