Boat Trips


Some of the boat trips I've been on:

Architectural River Lake Trip Harbour Tour Detroit River East
Chicago Chicago Seattle Detroit
Thames London 4x3_boat_5.jpg (13127 bytes)
Thames [Jun 2001] Thames [Jun 2006] Thames [Sep 2006] Thames [Oct 2007]  Thames [May 2008]  Thames [May 2008]
Tower -> Westminster  Westminster -> St Katherine's Greenwich <-> St Katherine's  Westminster -> St Katherine's Richmond <> Hampton Court  Westminster <> St Katherine's
Thames [Jul 2009] Thames [Sep2010] Thames [Apr 2011]
Tower <-> Greenwich Limehouse<-> Hampton Court Henley
Canal trip Seine        
Amsterdam Paris
Australia 6x3_soh_and_shb_from_boat.jpg (19758 bytes)
Harbour Tour
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