Up Kensington Gdns Sq

Bayswater is an area north of Hyde Park which has some interesting places to see

From a distance 22 Leinster Gardens looks like a normal building.... ...but closer inspection shows the doors and windows to be fake...
...and from the rear you can see it's just a facade ...when the Metropolitan railway was built by the by the "cut & cover" method the people in the Leister Street did not want a gap so insisted on the facade
100 Bayswater Road (on the corner of Leinster Terrace) and is a house where J M Barrie lived and wrote "Peter Pan"
 This building opposite the J M Barrie House was being repaired after a fire.
5-6 Orme Square is the UK HQ of Opus Dei and features in the "Da Vinci Code" Kensington Gardens Square is the site of a Lilliput Lane model
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