At Ford

Up Richard Riff Retirement

John Worked for Ford Motor Company from

August 14, 1972 to August 31, 2002

Here are some pictures of those with whom he worked over that time

Ford of Europe CAE & CADCAM Team   at Boreham House Offsite circa 1989        

7x5 CADCAM Team at Bower.jpg (88500 bytes)
Ford of Europe CAE & CADCAM Team  at Trafford  House Offsite circa 1990   
7x5 CADCAM Team at Trafford.jpg (85118 bytes)
Global MSO CAE & CADCAM Offsite at Dearbron Civic Center, September 1996
7x5 MSO CAE&CADCAM.jpg (100737 bytes)
Dunton [Data centre] Foldback Team at Bower House
7x5 Dunton Fold back.jpg (51695 bytes)
Ford of Europe EI Steering Committee at Bower House
7x5 EI at Bower.jpg (112120 bytes)
Ford of Europe Awards: Ford Net CDX Team
7x5 Ford Net CDX.jpg (76291 bytes)
C3P Deployment and PDS Planning teams at a work day
5x2 C2P PDS Planning.jpg (31917 bytes)
Digital Buck: Vehicle Issues Manager 2000
C3P Team at Richard Riff's Retirement in January 2012


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