Aston Martin



Newport Pagnell is the home of Aston Martin

Each year Bronham's holds an auction of Aston Martin cars and memorobilia in the Service garage.

Pictures below include some taken at the event on May 11, 2002 and May 10, 2003

8x2 Aston Martin mural.jpg (21625 bytes)
A panel of murals painted for the day ..........were auctioned off later
4x3 Aston Martin Office.jpg (15796 bytes) 4x3 workshop for auction.jpg (20691 bytes)
The Main Office The Service Bay
4x3 oldest Aston Martin lot.jpg (15748 bytes) 4x3 Aston Martin Le Mans.jpg (18420 bytes)
The oldest surviving Aston Martin: 1922 11 hp Prototype Participant in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1936
4x3 Aston Martin  BLB 684.jpg (22182 bytes) 4x3 Aston Martin  AJF 208 B.jpg (13562 bytes)
Not in the auction! 1964 Lagonda Rapide Saloon
4x3 Aston Martin HBM 214T.jpg (11735 bytes) 4x3 Aston Martin VFS 159 V.jpg (13953 bytes)
1979 Lagonda Saloon 1979 Lagonda saloon
4x3 Aston Martin lot 228.jpg (15755 bytes) 4x3 Aston Martin lot 209.jpg (15388 bytes)
1954 DB2/4 Sports Saloon took part in the "2000 Around the World in 80 days" 1952  DB2 Sports Saloon
4x3 Aston Martin lot 297b.jpg (13551 bytes) 4x3 Aston Martin lot 297a.jpg (11333 bytes)
1966 DB6 Mk 1 Saloon 1972 V8 Series 2 Saloon
4x3 Aston Martin lot 287a.jpg (12529 bytes) 4x2 Aston Martin  AST 4W.jpg (14231 bytes)
1979 V8 Volante 1981 V8 Vantage Saloon
4x2 Aston Martin  B1SAD.jpg (14217 bytes) 4x3 Judy and Vanquish 2.jpg (20049 bytes)
  Judy with the Vanquish as used by 007 in "Die Another Day"
4x3 bond car.jpg (9385 bytes) 4x3 am house 2003.jpg (16333 bytes)
This car from the film was auctioned for 185,000 in 2003 The 2003 car park
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