Apr 26 Amsterdam


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On April 27, John gave a talk on the Jaguar Racing Team to AT&T Holland. We took the opportunity to spend a long Weekend in Amsterdam, staying at Hotel Schipol A4

  Coffee Lunch Tea Dinner
April 26, 2001   Hotel Schipol A4   Sea Palace
April 27, 2001   Near the Dam   Claes Claesz
April 28, 2001   Van Gogh Museum   Zaandvort
April 29, 2001        
April 26, 2001 sea palace.jpg (10091 bytes) This very large restaurant floats! The food was fantastic and the place was really pretty inside.
April 27, 2001 Begijnhof from church.jpg (15592 bytes) Bejinjhof
April 28, 2001 Railway station from canalbus.jpg (9677 bytes) This is a sight-seeing boat for the canals. You can hop off and on at many locations. It was useful as our "taxi" for sightseeing all over the city.
April 29, 2001 judy_in_bulb_field.jpg (8860 bytes) There were a bajillion tulips in bloom whn we were there and the flowers are just a nuisance by-product of the bulbs that are prepared for export all over the world. They actually have a machine to chop off the flowers and throw them in huge piles.
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