AMP Tower



  • The AMP Tower is 1000 ft high with a water tank with35,500 gallons of water and 4 levels of observation decks/restaurants at the top.
  • John visited it on February 24, 2002

3x2 amp from hyde.jpg (23536 bytes)

3x2 hyde from AMP.jpg (16987 bytes)

The AMP Tower from Hyde Park

SSW: Hyde Park with Anzac Memorial and Marriott

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3x2 Darling harbour from AMP.jpg (15387 bytes)

WSW: Sydney Airport

W: Darling Harbour

3x2 harbour bridge from amp.jpg (13776 bytes)

3x2 crowd _arm cove from amp.jpg (13272 bytes)

N: Sydney Harbour Bridge

NW: Farm Cove with crowds for Film Festival

3x2 St marys cath from AMP.jpg (14419 bytes)


E: St Mary's Cathedral

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