Abby & Chris were married on October 21, 2006, The Wedding Rehearsal and Party were held on October 20th at Beachpoint Resort
Aerial View of Wedding Site
Ring Bearer, Flower Girl, Bride & Bridesmaids at the start

Awaiting the Bride            [Photo: Charlie Basile]

[Photo: Camera of Frank Basile] [Photo: Camera of Frank Basile]

"Flower Girl" & "Ring Bearer"        [Photo: Camera of Frank Basile]

[Photo: Camera of Frank Basile]
  [Photo: Camera of Frank Basile]
Father & Bride rehearse the long walk.... [Photo: Charlie Basile]
 [Photo: Charlie Basile]  ...and arrive at THE PLACE   

Rev Danielle rehearses the parents "giving"                                                                otos: Charlie Basile]       

[Photos: Charlie Basile] 
A run-through of the vows  [Photo: Charlie Basile]
[Photos: Charlie Basile]

Abby's Parents Frank, Teri, John & Judy    [Photo: Charlie Basile]

Ken, Debbie & Dale
Click for the Rehearsal Party
Idea for new song?:  "Sand Gets In Your Toes"

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