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Queen Alexandra’s Nest Sandringham Open to public as part of the gardens of  Sandringham House .   Part of the gardens of  Sandringham House Approx N52.831 E0.508  
. Royal Train At Sandringham, The Wolferton Now a series of private homes. L2517   Wolferton Station in Wolferton village N52.829 E0.463 222171 Clock Tower

222173 Main upside station

222165 Signal box


The Signal Box at Wolferton Wolferton     Oct 12 Wolferton Signal Box

Wolferton Station

N52.829 E0.463 222165
St Mary Magdalene Church Sandringham  Church   Apr 12  Church of St Mary Magdalene
on the Sandringham Estate PE35 6EH
N52.8283 E0.5088  222155   BLB


St Mary Magdalene Church (snowed)
The Sandringham Estate is one of the Queen's residences usually used for Christmas
Front of Sandringham House Back of the house
  Stable Block with museum and tea room
A Pheasant on the lawn Some architectural detail seen around the area
The house with Queen Alexandra's Nest (an LL model) to the right Church of St Mary Magdalene attended by the Queen at Christmas
Wolferton Station used to be used by the Royal Train (LL model) We lunched at the` "Rose & Crown" in Snettisham

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