Mill Street/Union Square

Up The River Widlife

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The River Wildlife

Judy & I lived at 9 Mill Street from December 16, 2000 till February 28, 2003

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View of Mill Street from North Square- right behind is the High Street

The further door was ours - in England this is very usual type of housing.

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This is all the width we had to our house but it is surprisingly roomy as it goes back a long way with a double storey extension and a single storey  after that
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  This is the home where Union Square meets Mill Street. This house is really ancient and has a courtyard and appears to have a kitchen that is separate from the main house,

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This was a B and B down the street. It is the former  home of the mustard king of Newport Pagnell. This is two doors down from us and was a former pub. The sign on the front of the building still says Pig and Whistle
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This is part of the former Mill House now owned by Sir and Lady Thompson This is the view of our street from the Mill House toward No 9
Taken on a return visit Feb 9, 2005 and April 21, 2010
Mum & Judy in the Garden of 9 Mill Street
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